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Wiltshire Council was established as a unitary authority in 2009 when one county council and four district councils merged. The council is one of the largest employers in Wiltshire and currently has a directly employed workforce of 4,600 staff (3,450 FTE) with a gross annual budget of £900 million.

We deliver more than 350 services to the people of Wiltshire, from public health and social care to planning and street maintenance, schools and libraries. Our vision is to build stronger communities and our core values underpin what we do, what we stand for and how we do things. We are committed to building communities that foster a sense of belonging and self-sufficiency, where we support residents to resolve issues locally and empower our people to act.

We’re a forward-thinking council that’s always ready to embrace new ideas. And we recognise a good idea can come from anyone, at any level. That’s why we encourage our people to be innovative and find new ways to tackle old issues. Our values support this and make us unique; we embrace change, treat everyone fairly and value diversity.

We focus on opportunities and possibilities, rather than limitations, and we promote flexible working. We want to ensure that we encourage a culture that places customers at its centre and our staff engagement team #EPIC are working to improve engagement to maintain and improve our positive culture.

We have a robust behaviours framework that is integrated throughout the whole employee lifecycle and has been in place since 2011. This details the behaviours and attitudes required by all employees to support delivery of this positive culture, and defines how our they are be expected to carry out their role.

Political Leadership

“Wiltshire Council has strong, visible and accessible political leadership which sets a clear direction for the council and the place. The council leader is at the core of this but it is equally evident throughout her very impressive cabinet colleagues. This means stakeholders are clear what the council stands for, how it goes about its business and what its plans are” (LGA Corporate Peer Challenge, November 2017)

Wiltshire Council has been Conservative controlled since its inception in 2009, and has been consistently led by Cllr Jane Scott OBE, who was made Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE in 2015. Prior to unitary, Baroness Scott was leader of Wiltshire County Council from 2003. As such, she is the longest serving leader of any shire council in England and the only leader of a county unitary authority still in position since 2009.

Baroness Scott


Leadership & Management

Wiltshire Council does not have a chief executive and has operated with three corporate directors since 2013. Following the 2017 local elections, the council agreed its new business plan setting out a blueprint for next 10 years. Cabinet was clear that in order to deliver this ambitious plan they needed the right organisational structure and strategic management and agreed a new senior management structure led by four corporate directors.

“The council has a solid track record in terms of financial management. Since 2010 it has delivered over £120m of savings and has managed to both rationalise it’s office buildings and invest in its estate, through campus and community hubs - all the time focusing it steadfastly on the ‘strong communities’ vision.”

(LGA Corporate Peer Challenge 2017)

Some key facts about Wiltshire Council

Established in 2009 (one county and four districts merged) 

Employs – 3,450 FTE staff (4,600 headcount)

9th largest council, 3rd largest planning authority

Wiltshire Council has been rated the best council to work for in the UK 2017 by Glassdoor and has a current employee rating of 4.3 out of 5

Gross annual budget – £900 million

3rd largest collector of local income

18 community area boards

£1.6 million per year grant funding devolved to boards 

£11.2 million community investment per year

282 in every 10,000 children supported by social care

5,000 service users in adult social care services


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