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Be an innovative and effective council

Be an innovative and effective council

Why is this important? 

We recognise that there is a need to work innovatively and effectively with partners to get maximum value for public sector spend in Wiltshire and also reaffirm our commitment to continue working within our policies on the environment and carbon reduction. Within this context we will ensure Wiltshire Council operates a healthy organisation which has strong checks and balances in place and promotes a culture of innovation and critical analysis. The principles of this are set out in eight themes.

 These themes are:   

  • Community Involvement

We have robust decision making in place which is open, transparent & inclusive, flexible and responsive.

  • Performance – we enable sensible risk taking    

We enable sensible risk taking. We measure our success as an organisation by the goals set out in the business plan and whether these are achieved and this includes measures on volumes/prevalence, process and outcome.

  • People

We empower our people to be innovative and collaborative to build strong communities. We have an outstanding workforce with a can-do attitude – supported through clear career paths, talent management and learning & development.

  • Commercialism

We have an efficient, commercial approach which is delivering an increase in trading of ours services. We plan for the longer term and we will deliver the required £45m savings over the next 4 years. With the end of the central government grant, we recognise the opportunities for growing our local business rates and council tax base.

  • Digital

We are an accessible, open and transparent council which engages communities.    

  • Change    

We transform our services using systems thinking principles in every community and service. We look at how services work from a customer’s point of view and to measure how well they are performing. The evidence is used to design better services, with a particular focus on prevention.

  • One Wiltshire Estate

We have a strategic and commercial approach to managing assets. We share resources and other public services and use technology, buildings and other assets flexibly to maximise value and reduce costs.

  • Delivering Together

Our services are designed with communities, and we consider new delivery models and joint commissioning with partners where appropriate. We involve communities and people of all ages in developing council services, including outsourced services and we design our services to meet local needs and aspirations.

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