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Our People

“The council benefits from a committed workforce. All the staff we met with told us that the council is a great place to work. They also told us they feel valued, are developed to undertake their roles and feel supported to progress their careers. There was evidence of a very impressive approach to staff engagement, which was clearly owned throughout the organisation from front-line staff to senior leaders”

(LGA Corporate Peer Challenge, November 2017)

The council is one of the largest employers in Wiltshire and currently has a directly employed workforce of 4,600 staff (3,450 FTE), who predominantly work in and from one of three main hubs in Trowbridge, Chippenham and Salisbury, and in depots, libraries and leisure centres across the county. Including local authority maintained schools, the headcount rises to 11,700 staff.

Our Employee Promise

We empower our staff to be innovative and collaborative to build strong communities. We have an outstanding workforce with a can-do attitude - supported through clear career paths, talent management and learning and development.

Our staff are innovative, open to challenge, act on feedback and learn quickly from mistakes and they work together to turn the vision into reality. They embrace a Behaviours Framework and look for more effective and joined up ways of meeting residents’ needs. Information technology (IT) supports our staff and customers by ensuring suitable products, infrastructure, security and support is in place together with clear, simple policies and procedures. 

Our staff are engaged and are supported to develop new initiatives to improve their engagement and ensure our positive culture is maintained and continues to improve.

We know that our staff are our best ambassadors and can promote us as an employer of choice. We publish a number of blogs and videos involving our staff to give an inside view to the public and prospective candidates of the people who work here. These can be found on our Meet our People page on our careers website: jobs.wiltshire.gov.uk/meet-our-people/

These resources are used to support recruitment campaigns to signpost candidates to our careers website via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and we also use them internally to amplify organisational culture through social media, our intranet and digital campaigns.

Wiltshire Council was the first local council to enter into a partnership with Glassdoor (September 2016) and was rated the best council to work for in the UK 2017 by Glassdoor. We have a current employee rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Please view the below video.


A new 10 year People Strategy (2017 – 2027) has helped us to plan for new requirements such as the apprenticeship levy and to ensure our workforce is fit for the future.



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