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Our Behaviours Framework

Our Behaviours Framework

Wiltshire Council is a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work; we know this enthusiasm rubs off on our residents and customers, and we also recognise the crucial role each and every one of us plays in helping to achieve our goals.

The behaviours framework is a set of core behaviours which support our brand pillars and defines ‘how’ our staff are expected to approach their work alongside ‘what’ they do, as outlined in each of their role descriptions. 

The framework details the behaviours and attitudes required by all employees and it supports the delivery of our business plan, values and culture.

There are six sets of behaviours for every member of staff, regardless of their role and grade in the organisation and they are integrated into every step of the candidate and employee journey. The behaviours are:


With enthusiasm, you work to deliver a high quality service to meet personal, organisational and customer expectations. You pursue a ‘can-do’ attitude in all of the work you deliver, ensuring it meets the needs of all current and potential customers.


You take ownership of your work and use your initiative to deliver.  You are accountable for your own performance and development, and you take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

Working Together

You work with others to reach a common goal; sharing information, supporting colleagues and searching out expertise and solutions from relevant partners and/or the communities we serve.


You lead by example through your behaviours and professional approach to work; inspiring your colleagues and driving for results.

Trust & Respect

You are aware of your impact on others and your use of resources.  You value openness and listen carefully to understand the views of others.  You promote the values of diversity and actively work to minimise any harm caused to our climate and surroundings.


You communicate clearly and concisely, ensuring that the message is understood by all. You actively seek methods to prevent over-complication or confusion, by a simple non-bureaucratic approach to work.

Every member of staff is provided with clarity on their behavioural expectations in a discussion with their manager.

These behavioural requirements are taken seriously; compliance with these guidelines forms part of regular discussions with managers and continued disregard of behavioural requirements is resolved quickly and efficiently


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