Wiltshire Council

Our Vision and Priorities

Wiltshire is a thriving county that enables and positively encourages healthy living in strong, inclusive and prosperous communities. We are proud of our heritage and for having a strong community spirit where people in communities come together to support each other, take part in events and activities, and take responsibility for what matters to them. That is what makes us unique and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

To build stronger communities

Over the last decade the council, with its public and voluntary sector partners, has improved people's lives and helped businesses to develop and relocate in Wiltshire. Looking ahead to the next decade, we plan to continue that success.

Our business plan sets out our priorities and how we will deliver them working closely with local communities and partners; as well as investing in technology to make it easier for residents and businesses to engage with us and resolve matters more quickly.

Our Business Plan Priorities

Grow the economy 

We want to continue sustainable growth in our communities, and grow the skills of the local workforce so that we can continue to attract and retain high value businesses in Wiltshire. To do that we also recognise we need to have high quality schools, colleges and Higher Education provision, good transport networks and employment sites, as well as sufficient housing in clean, safe and attractive environments.

Strong communities 

We want people in Wiltshire to be encouraged to take responsibility for their well-being, build positive relationships and to get involved, influence and take action on what’s best for their own communities - we want residents to succeed to the best of their abilities and feel safe where they live and work.

Protect those who are most vulnerable

We want to build communities that enable all residents to have a good start in life, enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives through to a dignified end of life. We will provide people with the opportunities and skills to achieve this by investing in early intervention, prevention and promoting community inclusivity. Where care is needed, health and social care will be delivered seamlessly to the highest standards. For the most vulnerable we will work closely with health and the voluntary sector to provide appropriate, local, cost efficient and good quality care packages, support and facilities.

Be an innovative and effective council

Looking ahead, we must continue to be innovative in how we work. Doing things differently means that some difficult decisions will need to be made – these may not always be universally popular – but they will be necessary so that the rising demand for some services can be met. We will also focus on generating income by adopting a more commercial approach in what we do and seizing the opportunity to work with businesses for mutual benefits. By working closely with communities, businesses and public sector partners we can achieve so much more and together we can make Wiltshire an even better place to live, work in and visit. We will continue to make Wiltshire a special place where communities are strong, more connected and able to cope with any challenges they face.

You can find out more information on our vision and priorities in our Business Plan.

Our Employee Promise

“We empower our people to innovate and collaborate in order to build strong communities”

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